More Pleasure and Even Greater Sex

How Much Pleasure Can You Have?

The cliché is that practice makes perfect – well, there is no perfect to strive for but practice can be a whole lot of fun.

What’s the secret to fantastic sex? Perhaps it’s not really a secret just something yet to be learned. Tantrikas, Dakinis, Sexuality Coaches, Sexological Bodyworkers, Sacred Intimates and other sexuality practitioners are often perceived as knowing the hidden mysteries of great sex. They all started somewhere and so can you.

Whether you’re going solo or engaging sexually with other(s), exploring spiritual sexuality or focusing exclusively on physical pleasure, you can be more connected to yourself and your partner(s) – more connected to the sexual energy. No matter who you have sex with or how, new places can be reached through relaxation, breath, being present, and engaging the body in various ways.

Speaking of breath, are breath and energy orgasms for real?
(Yes! And you can have them too.)

  • Use your breath to move energy and reach orgasm
  • You can do this in many ways and everyone’s experience will look different.  It is found in many teachings and it may take practice.
  • This can be done solo or with others.
  • Move the energy around your body.
  • Move the energy away from your genitals.
  • Into your heart or throughout your whole body up the center of your body (Some call this the Chakras or up the Kundalini)
  • Share the energy with another.
  • Use your intent, your hands, a lover’s tongue – be creative.
  • Use the five revelations.

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