Is your sexuality all that it can be?

  • pleasurable and comfortable
  • empowered and passionate
  • shameless and uninhibited
  • expressive and playful
  • as natural and normal as breathing
  • spiritually satisfying

We help individuals and couples who are seeking a better relationship with their sexuality, using a holistic, body-focused approach. A key part of that would be supporting your exploration and helping you remove any obstacles that are limiting your sexual/sensual pleasure experiences.

Society gives us a lot of mixed messages about sexuality, and you may have had unwanted experiences that are still affecting you in some way. Whatever your specific situation, we can help you embrace your sexuality more fully. Whether you’re seeking sexual healing, sexual transcendence or anything in between, we can help you on your path.

Our sessions include a balance of experiential work and other modalities tailored to your needs, in a safe and non-judgmental environment. For more information about us and what we do, check out the Specialists listed on the sidebar.

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